How to Make Your Next Move a Walk in the Park

How to Make Your Next Move a Walk in the Park

Let your pet travel in style

Moving to a new house, especially one that you really like and been wanting for a long time, is exhilarating. You feel excited about your new neighbourhood and meeting new people. But before that, your family has to deal first with the packing and transport of your belongings.

The packing, cleaning and the actual moving can be so stressful. It’s even more so for your pets. Dogs and cats are creatures of habit – they don’t like their routines and surroundings to change or be disrupted. So, it is crucial that you know what to do to prepare them for the move. If your pets can’t travel with you, there are trusted and experienced pet transport companies that are available to put your mind at ease.

How do you prepare your pets for the move

How do you prepare your pets for the move?

Getting your pets ready for the move begins even before you start putting stuff in boxes. It doesn’t stop the minute you are in your new home either. Here are things that you should do before, during and after you move into your new home.

What to do before the move

The very first thing that you should do is to request a copy of your pet’s medical records and vaccination and desexing certificates. Also, ensure that your pets are up to date with their vaccinations and have their microchips updated with your new address and phone number.

Take this time to talk to your vet about medication or training techniques if your pet doesn’t like travelling. You can also ask about obtaining a pheromone device that emits scents that can relax your pets while travelling. At this point, you should have already found a new vet ready to help you get your pets settled into their new home.

If they are staying with you until during the move, keep them in a secure room to prevent them from escaping whilst everyone is too busy to notice. Make sure they are in a quiet room with their favourite toys, bed, or pillow. Have their travel carrier with the door open in the room so that they can get accustomed to it before moving day.

The most important thing to remember is to keep their feeding, walking, playing, and other routines the same. Pack their things last, so they still have a semblance of normalcy. They should still have their food and water bowls and some toys with them right before they are set to go.

Do not feed your pets for 12 hours before the move to prevent travel sickness. There are also available medications and techniques to help them travel comfortably. You can ask your vet should you require any of these.

Travel packing checklist

Make sure to pack the following before the move.

  • Veterinary records and certificates
  • An ID tag with your phone number and address
  • Food and water bowls
  • Your pet’s food during travel
  • Leashes, treats, and toys
  • Beds, towels and blankets
  • Poop scoops and bags
  • Diapers for those who can’t control their urges
  • The litter box for cats
  • Paper towels to clean the mess with
Things to remember during the move

Things to remember during the move

Remember to put your pets’ new identification tags (with your number and address) on. This will become handy especially if they are travelling separately from you.

Also, make sure that they are secured safely and comfortably in the transport vehicle. Put your pets in crates with their beds or pillows because they will be looking for something familiar like a smell that they recognise. Don’t forget that they will need regular toilet and water breaks while travelling.

Settling into their new home

Settling into their new home

Check your new home’s fence and gate to make sure they are secure. They should be high enough so pets can’t jump over and not have gaps and holes that your pets can fit into. Choose a small room to be your pets’ room and surround it with familiar items such as their bowls, toys, and beds before you let them out of the travel crate. The familiar smell will help them to settle into their new home.

It is also essential to let them sniff around the new place to get familiar with the common smells. This will help make them feel safe and comfortable with their new surroundings. Remember that you should not let your pets go outdoors without a leash until they have become at ease with their new home.

Sometimes, pets misbehave when they are stressed. Cut them some slack and don’t punish them until you know that they have fully settled. Sticking to your usual routines will help them settle faster. So, keep to your feeding and walking schedules.

Also, don’t give them extra or less attention as this may lead to them becoming anxious or over-dependent on you. Daily walks and plenty of exercises will help reduce their anxiety and make them get used to their new surroundings faster. Just don’t allow them to run around alone as they might run away or get lost.

Let them know early on where they’re not allowed and where they should eat and sleep. Pat or praise them or give them treats if they do something right to make them happy and feel loved.

Let your pets travel in style and comfort.

Let your pets travel in style and comfort.

Moving to a new location with pets isn’t easy. It needs a lot of patience, effort, and experience. So, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional pet transport company to take care of your pets to make your move a walk in the park. This way, your pets get to travel comfortably in style. You don’t have to worry about their safety, too.

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