Moving home when you live in Newcastle

Moving home when you live in Newcastle

Most people dread moving and getting settled into a new place. While moving is normally associated with worries and headache, there are options to make it smoother and more relaxed. Lack of information on how to achieve this is the main reason people face many hurdles while moving.

There are a lot of uncertainties while moving and the process alone can be torturous if you are not prepared. To ensure a smooth process it is very helpful to consult a reputable moving company and get all your questions regarding moving answered.

Plan ahead Newcastle: use a checklist

Moving without proper planning can lead loss of belongings, or incurring additional expenses that you could have avoided. You are therefore better off planning the whole moving process some weeks before the allocated day. While packing, get yourself a checklist of all the stuff you will carry and remember to declutter your belongings. Take care to separate what you will carry and what is earmarked for selling, recycling or donation. Pack everything into well-labelled boxes and group them according to the rooms they will go to.

Be sure to carefully pack all your documents safely before you move as documents are usually prone to get misplaced.

Engage service providers in Newcastle

Get in touch with your service providers before the moving day, to help you with services like meter reading, disconnection of utilities and other tasks that require a specialist. Most moving companies are prepared to help with dismantling and assembling of your furniture. You should also make your service provider aware of your new address. Check for repairs in your new home before you move in to avoid the inconvenience of ongoing repair works when you’ve already moved in.

Paying utilities and handling the small stuff

Before you vacate, make sure to pay your house utilities, clean the house and inspect every room to make sure that there is nothing left behind. Travelling back to a house that you have already vacated to retrieve belongings that you mistakenly left behind can expensive and time to consume.

New house orientation in Newcastle

Get the landlord or caretaker of the new house to give you an orientation of the house. Such a walkabout enables you to acquaint yourself with the various house operations; you may also set up security in the new home/apartment if it is not already done. This is also the time to learn the location of the electronic circuit breaker and water cut-off valves as well as the other systems. Be sure to review set steps to take in case of disasters like fire.

Know your neighbours in Newcastle

Once you have already moved into your new home, don’t wait until the neighbours to come over. Make an effort of introducing yourself to your neighbours. Your Neighbours could end up being some of your best friends. Neighbours also help in watching your home when you are not around.

Housewarming party in Newcastle

After you and your family have settled into your new home it is good to invite your friends, family and neighbours to a house warming party. This is a quick way of getting everyone to know each other. Smooth settling into your new home will depend to some extent on your relationship with your neighbours. By then, anyone with a question about you that they can’t ask directly can always refer to your friend.