Moving home with children in Newcastle

Moving home with children in Newcastle

Are you getting stressed out by all the preparations you need to attend to for your family’s move? Moving can be really time consuming. It’s exhausting and overwhelming at the same time. It becomes doubly difficult to deal with when you also have kids. We understand. Best Removalists Newcastle is here to make your move less painful. Here are some helpful tips to get through when moving with children.

Think of moving as work and play for you and your kids in Newcastle

Psychologically, kids in the family are in quite a vulnerable state when drastic changes such as moving to a new location are taking place and can become overwhelmed if not handled well. You tend to be so focused on the stress that moving has put you through that you can forget that this must also be hard for the children. You can avoid this by involving them in the process.

The easiest way to not feel like you’re working is by not working. From the packing, wrapping, and carrying of stuff, you can turn these chores into something really fun. You are hitting two birds here by getting them involved and at the same time making the process an enjoyable one.

Tell your kids that it is not just an end; it is also a beginning in Newcastle

Getting your kids excited about the move can sometimes go smooth but more often, it gets really difficult. If children are at a stage where some abstract concepts such as loyalty have developed. Some of them can be old enough to be aware of the connections that they have established with their playmates and the landmarks near your old place, but too young to understand that more people and places will come along. So, your safest bet is to turn the situation upside down and make them feel this is not an end but a start of something. Hype the new place up. Perhaps while packing things up, tell something about the place and be really visual in describing it. A great deal of anticipation can take away any of those sad feelings.

Be ready to answer questions – there may be a lot!

It is just natural for children to ask questions. And when they do, they literally ask just about anything. Most of the time, the queries can get a bit random.  From the neighbour’s names, to colours of the uniform of the school nearby, to when relatives will go and pay them a visit, to when’s the next ANZAC day, or what to do on Boxing Day – you just got to have answers for them. Parenting in the midst of moving is just sometimes too much to handle. In some way, use the kids’ curiosity to your advantage by keeping their excitement up. Make it interesting but at the same time, be prepared for more questions.

Take it one step at a time Novocastrians

Moving requires a lot of actions. From packing items, lifting, carrying, and transporting stuff – it could get really, really messy. So, the most efficient approach is to focus first on the more important ones and do the rest afterwards. If undecided on what to take and what to dispose, then might as well take everything with you. As they say, it’s better to have and not need it than to need and not have it. If you have kids, that means you also have toys, old clothes, and other seemingly unimportant stuff to you but that might be important to them. You need to be quite careful with this one. You don’t want your children to associate moving to say, a memory of a toy that you threw away before leaving your old place.

The good news is, stress caused by or related to moving can be avoided in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie.

In fact, it can even be overturned and not become daunting at all! Experienced and trained movers can assist you through this transitional point in your family’s life. A company providing you with service that is beyond quality, topped by affordable prices, you know you got yourself a great deal. And we here in Best Removalists Newcastle can help you get exactly that.