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At Best Removalists Newcastle, we offer you a wide range of moving services. Our team of moving experts and professionals will handle your possessions with exceptional care. We will help ensure that your move is smooth and stress-free.

We help families and businesses in Newcastle relocate with ease. We will take care of your furniture, pets, vehicles, and other belongings for transport.

Each move is different and will have its own unique needs. We at Best Removalists Newcastle have additional services that will make your move hassle-free.

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Handyman Services

Our team of professional handymen is ready to assist you in setting up your new place for you. We can help you reconnect your electrical appliances and equipment or set up your washing machine and dishwashers. We can also set up shelves and furniture, and install light fixtures and fans.

Connection of Utility Services

You do not want to move into your new place without electricity, gas, or water. Best Removalists Newcastle will make sure that you come home to a comfortable, lighted, and well-ventilated place. We can also help you with your telephone and internet reconnection.

Transport of your Special Items

We will take care of all your belongings during your move. However, you may have items that need special handling during your relocation. These items may need specialised packaging and protection.

Best Removalists Newcastle is equipped to handle the relocation of antiques and artworks. We are also equipped to relocate pianos, pool tables, home theatre systems, marble furniture, and other special items.

For businesses, you may have documents and equipment that also need additional protection during the move. We will make sure that they are safe and protected during your relocation.

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Are you moving to Newcastle or another state? Let us help you pack and move your belongings. Our full range of moving services will make your relocation enjoyable and easy. Moving is an overwhelming process that you do not have to do alone. Let our team help you. Call us now for a free quote and onsite assessment.