Protecting Valuables when Moving in Newcastle

Protecting Valuables when Moving in Newcastle

Moving is a life event that symbolises and presents a fresh start – a new beginning. Starting out in a new place means that you are just changing location but not your lifestyle. This is why it is important that your possessions are in their best conditions after moving. Some of these items may not be too expensive, but it’s the memories attached to them that are more irreplaceable.

Here at Best Removalists Moving, we have expertise in how to efficiently manage the entire process. The following are some key tips for protecting fragile items when moving. 

Newcastle Glassware, ceramics, and pots

These are arguably the most fragile items that you need to move. Some are really expensive, some were collected over the years, and some you just value for sentimental reasons. In packing and unpacking them, use enough padding – in layers if necessary –  before putting them in a box. Balance, however, is still the key. You don’t want to leave them almost unprotected by using too little padding but at the same time, you shouldn’t put too much for they may also cause the items to break.

In addition, make sure that there are also layers of paper or cloth placed in between the items. Mark the boxes appropriately so that other family members and hired movers will carry them safely. Mind that these are the things that your kids will try to carry as they appear small and light.

Equipment and instruments for recreation

Artworks, musical instruments, and sport equipment are generally expensive. Some of them can come in the form of hard-to-find collectables. Paintings, sculptures, wood carvings, an old Didgeridoo or a Bull-roarer, bicycles and other sports gear such as tennis racquets may appear not so vulnerable. Most of them, however, are both irreplaceable and fragile.

Any minor damage caused to any of these may reduce its value by a lot. Using padding and layers to protect them from hitting any edges while being carried out and transported is always a good idea. Your safest bet, though, is the items’ original packaging. Aside from the fact that these boxes are made for the sole purpose of protecting such items, they might also still contain their respective user manuals.

Furniture and other heavy electronic equipment in Newcastle 

When moving, furniture, gadgets, and heavy electronic equipment are the things most susceptible to damage. Most of the time, lack of space and small passageways are the common reasons for such damages. This becomes a lot more difficult to avoid if you have quite limited manpower at home.

For moving such heavy stuff, make sure to leave them until everything else have been brought out. This will allow you and your movers to have enough space to work in. This will also make sure that you won’t be hitting smaller and more breakable items once you start to lift these heavier ones.

For stuff that needs lifting, a little physics could also be in handy. Keep in mind the need to distribute the weight of the object to be carried. Always make sure to have three or four people who can assist.

Moving somewhere to start anew should always start on a positive note. It’s an opportunity to celebrate – life, relationships, and/or success. You don’t want your energy to be drained by the chaos brought about by your move. We here at Best Removalists Newcastle can help you with that. By giving you quality service with our experienced and trained movers, you can start off fresh and stress-free with your new home.