10 Tips on How to Pack Your Kitchen Like a Pro

10 Tips on How to Pack Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Packing your kitchen need not be too stressful.

Packing your kitchen for a move can be tedious and messy, so it’s a good thing you can find home removal services quite easily. While they are absolute professionals when it comes to packing and moving, it won’t hurt for you to know how to do a few things yourself. Doing so could help guarantee that your kitchen appliances and stuff get to your new home in one piece.

Simple and Practical Hacks When Packing Your Kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the most challenging room to pack during Newcastle home removals. There are a lot of breakable and irregularly shaped items, not to mention your food and knickknacks. There’s no need to feel daunted, though. The following tips will ensure that you are on the right track to packing your kitchen like a real professional Newcastle removalist.

Organisation is key.

1. Organisation is key.

Even if you’ve hired removalists in Newcastle, you should take time to go through all your kitchen stuff beforehand. Separate what you won’t be needing before the big move. This is the time for you to weed things out that you haven’t used in a while.

You can put them to good use by handing them over to relatives and friends who need them. You can also donate them to op-shops, charities, or your local soup kitchens.

Organising can save you heaps of time and money when moving. If there is still a lot left that you can’t part with, you can always explore storage services around Newcastle, Hunter Lake, and Lake Macquarie.

Get all the materials you need.

2. Get all the materials you need.

Make a list of the materials you’ll need to pack, such as heavy duty boxes in different sizes. You’ll want to buy more than you think you might need. For family-sized kitchen, plan to get three extra-large, five large, ten medium, and about five small boxes. Depending on the amount of stuff you are packing, you may need to go back to the store for more packing supplies.

You’ll also need packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and markers. Plastic wrap or cling film will also come in handy to stack items and prevent them from moving around.

Designate a box for kitchen essentials.

3. Designate a box for kitchen essentials.

So, you want to congratulate yourself for packing up your entire kitchen, but then you realise you have no wine glasses to use. Worse, you’ve packed up everything and have no plates and cutlery to use come dinner time. Make sure you have a couple of each plus a dish soap, towel and even sponge for cleaning after your meal. Leave your coffee maker and any appliances that you will need while you pack. You can pack them separately in a box on the day that you move out.

Pick a spot to start.

4. Pick a spot to start.

Don’t know where to start when packing your kitchen? Just pick a cabinet or drawer that looks less intimidating and begin from there, or you can dig right in and start with the messiest, most unorganised drawer. Remember though that you may need to clear off your countertop to work on your smaller stuff.

Tips on How to Pack Different Items

Carefully packed kitchen items can save you a lot of money and heartache, and your Newcastle removalists will thank you for it too. Here are some basic tips on how to pack different items.

Kitchen appliances

5. Kitchen appliances

If you managed to keep your appliances’ original boxes, that’s awesome. If you can no longer find them, that’s not a problem.

Pack small appliances in the smallest box that they can fit into, and use packing paper to secure them completely. Take your small kitchen appliances apart. For example, wrap your mixing bowl separately but make sure you put it in the same box as the mixer. The same goes with your coffee maker and its pot.

Note that removal companies in Newcastle may require that larger appliances be unplugged, cleaned and dried a couple of days before you move.

Plates and bowls

6. Plates and bowls

Putting foam or other padding plate between your plates will save you time. Wrap each bowl before stacking them, and keep them stacked together by wrapping them tightly in cling wrap. Small items can fit in spaces around your bowls and plates.

Mugs, glasses and cutlery

7. Mugs, glasses and cutlery

Stuff the inside of your mugs and glasses with paper or foam to prevent breakage. Then put them inside your (clean) socks for a quick and safe padding. For your cutlery, you can put it in the silverware tray, place some padding on top, then wrap the tray with plastic and secure with tape.

Pots and pans

8. Pots and pans

Stack smaller pots and pans into bigger ones with packing paper in between them. If they don’t fit into each other, you can put spices and other small items inside. Be sure to stuff spaces with crumpled paper or dish towels to keep them from shifting around.

Pots and pans

9. Knives

Wrap all of your knives in packing paper and store them safely in an oven glove or wrapped in a dish towel. Pack your knives facing down to avoid cutting yourself accidentally.

Food Items

10. Food items

Check each item and toss out anything that is expired. Anything that isn’t expired but you no longer want can be donated or thrown away. Consider donating canned goods since they are heavy and are therefore likely to increase your moving cost.

Any food you’re taking with you to your new home should be well sealed and packed up in sturdy grocery bags or in a medium box. Then, wrap spices in glass jars in packing paper to prevent them from breaking.

Remember that you should probably stop shopping for groceries a few weeks before moving. Try to use as much of the food you have so that you have less to worry about. Reseal any opened food packages that you want to take with you. Discard (consume or donate) all perishable items, including frozen foods, unless you aren’t moving too far.

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