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Best Removalists Newcastle is a locally-owned moving company that caters to clients around NSW, particularly in Newcastle, Maitland, Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, and Hunter Valley. If you are looking for an experienced and dependable moving company, contact us today!

Five FAQs About Our Services

Yes, we are happy to provide a quote. In fact, it’s not essential that we visit your property before we prepare a quote for you. No two moves are the same, which is why we don’t have a set, standard price. To provide you with an accurate quote, we need to gather as much as information as we can about your move. Providing a detailed inventory report can often mean we do not have attend your your home in person to provide you with an accurate quotation. Our specialist removals consultant will come to your home or office and talk to you about the details of your move when required. Based on that information, we will prepare a comprehensive and itemised quote, so we can be prepared for the big moving day the best we can.

This is variable, dependant on your needs. We’ll assessthe number of items, furniture, volume of other items you want to move, work out the number and type of boxesyou will need, calculate the distance to be travelled and find out about any special circumstances. Based on that information, we will work out the number of removals specialists and the type of truck required, and the equipment we need to bring. We will then prepare a personalised and individual comprehensive and itemised quote.

We’re happy to help work out the best way to move your items. We’ll find the best way to access your premises, and talk to you about where you’re moving to, your preferred (or required) moving date, and whether you have any especially valuable or fragile items that require special care – from delicate vases to crystal chandeliers and antique furniture – and any extra-large or heavy items you need moved– like disability equipment or a grand piano.

We know how stressful moving can be, so it’s our aim to ensure your move to your new residence or business property is as smooth and seamless as possible.With our valet services, we can help you settle into your new house soon as you arrive. We can go so far as to making sure your utilities are switched over, and your gas and hot water are all connected so you’re not unpacking in the dark, and you can have a hot shower after the big move. We can help you install your white goods, set up your electrical appliances and electronics, assist you to reassemble furniture, make your beds, set up shelving and even clean and vacuum from the mess the previous owners have left behind.

If you like to pack everything yourself, we have high-quality moving boxes and wrapping supplies that are available exclusively for our clients to assist them in their move. However, if you are more interested in the exciting part of moving and would prefer us to pack (and unpack!) everything for you, we absolutely can.We offer packing services that are tailored to your requirements. When we visit your home to draw up a quote for you, we will check how many items you want to move so we have a good idea of what packing you will need. We have a dedicated team of professional packers and movers that ensure the safety and security of your possessions, utilising efficient packing techniques and our specialised equipment that is designed to maximise your space, time, and money.