Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

Things you need to know for a more successful move.

When we say we have more than a little experience with moving, we’re not kidding – we help hundreds of customers move each year and over the years that experience mounts up. We’ve learnt the little tips and tricks for making the whole process of moving smoother, less stressful, more efficient and, ultimately, more successful.

We know moving can be a time-intensive and laborious task, and the process may even be a little confusing at times – especially if you’ve never moved before. We’ve pinpointed the questions that we’ve been asked most often, and put together a list of FAQs about moving. We hope it helps you to achieve the best moving experience possible.

Moving FAQs

Moving FAQs

Is there a “good” or “bad” time to move?

There are so many factors that go into answering this question, because everyone has their own unique set of circumstances and sometimes you won’t have any control over the timing of your relocation. When this is the case, book whichever days and times suit you best.

If you have the advantage of being able to choose when you will move, we suggest avoiding the few weeks before and after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Not because removalists are winding down for the year or taking time off during summer holidays, but because moving services are usually flat chat at that time of year. We are often busy throughout the summer months and near the end of each month too, so it may be difficult to secure the services of a removalist at a day and time that suits you and fits with your relocation schedule.

What’s the best way to find and contact a good – or, the best! – removalist company in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Hunter regions?

In all honesty, one of the best ways to locate and secure the services of a good removalist in our region, is often by word of mouth. Whether you do that by reading testimonials on their website or reviews on their Google My Business listing. A great way to find a good removalist is to check a website like Local Search – where you can check out removalists in your area, read customer reviews and compare the average number of stars given by reviewers.

We suggest narrowing the choice of removalists down to between three and five companies, based on reviews you’ve read and recommendations you receive from friends and family. Contact the companies you select and request quotes from at least three of them. Don’t forget to check what is and isn’t included in the quote, and the terms and conditions, to make sure you’re comparing like with like, and so you know exactly where you stand and are aware of any potentially-hidden clauses and additional charges.

Do I need to take out extra insurance or transit insurance when I move?

Whether you’re a business or a resident looking to relocate, you definitely want to make sure you have some form of transit or contents insurance in place when you’re planning to move. While we are professional movers with lots of training and experience, accidents happen on the road.

Some insurance companies include cover for damage caused through moving in their contents insurance policies – but often only for customers who already hold a contents insurance policy. You may also find that while your existing policy covers your belongings while they are in transit, it doesn’t provide cover during the loading and unloading process

If you don’t have existing contents coverage, check with your removalist company. Best Removalists Newcastle offer insurance that covers your belongings for the duration of the move. If you think you could benefit from taking out insurance to cover your belongings when you move, talk to the team at Best Removalists Newcastle about our transit cover.

How do I work out how many boxes I need?

This is something we are asked a lot. Our advice for estimating the number of boxes you will need is to break it down and try to work through your belongings on a room-by-room basis. If your estimate isn’t quite right and you end up needing a few more boxes – don’t panic!

If you find that your estimate is out by more than three boxes it’s a good idea to contact your removalist, as it may be necessary for them to reconsider the best way to load the truck, to create more room and ensure your belongings are safely packed and arrive undamaged. A big change to the number of boxes you need relocated may also mean a change in the cost of your move.

Are there things that cannot be transported by a removalist?

There are some items that most removalists are simply unable to move, due to safety concerns. The Dangerous Goods Act restricts the transport of dangerous substances that may cause injury or death to the people involved in relocating your belongings, or substances that are hazardous to the environment, to people who have the proper licensing and equipment. These substances include:

  • Flammable or combustible substances – for example, petrol, fertilisers, engine oil, etc.
  • Corrosive substances – for example, strong acids and alkalis often found in household cleaning and gardening products and pool chemicals
  • Ammunition and firearms

If you have other chemicals or items that you’re unsure about, such as LPG bottles, contact your removalist and check what they’re able to transport and which items you will either need to dispose of or move yourself.

If you have a gas BBQ, or a fuel-driven lawnmower that needs to be moved you will typically be required to ensure it is clean and any fuel has been emptied out prior to the move. All other fuel-driven equipment, such as whipper snippers and chainsaws, must also have the oil and fuel emptied prior to being moved, because of the restrictions on transporting the dangerous goods outlined above. It’s also a good idea to check whether your removalist’s truck has enough room to accommodate the BBQ or lawnmower.

Care also needs to be taken with power tools and gardening equipment – especially sharp items, such as axes, hedge trimmers, shears and secateurs, and pitchforks. These items must be carefully and securely wrapped and properly stowed in the moving truck, as they have the potential to damage other items during transit.

Are there things I need to keep with me, rather than pack on the moving truck?

While there is nothing to prevent a removalist from transporting important documents and medications, it is strongly recommended that you keep these items with you.

Never pack your proof of identity or financial documents (for example, birth & marriage certificates, passports, bank statements or account information), to mitigate the risk of identity theft or losing your important personal documents.

Do not pack medications – firstly, you may need them at short notice (particularly things like asthma inhalers, paracetamol, insulin, nitro-glycerine sprays, antihistamines and EpiPens); secondly, most medications need to be stored at no more than 25 degrees Celsius, and we cannot guarantee the temperature in the back of the truck.

till have more questions about moving? Contact Best Removalists Newcastle today

Still have more questions about moving? Contact Best Removalists Newcastle today.

Best Removalists Newcastle is widely considered to be one of the most trusted, professional, and reputable removalists across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Cessnock, and the Hunter Valley. We can help you safely pack and unpack your belongings, and move them to anywhere in NSW or interstate – we can even help you to style the interior of your new home or commercial property once all your belongings are unpacked.

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