How To Pack And Move Your Kitchen – Ready For Moving

How To Pack And Move Your Kitchen - Ready For Moving

Some kitchen packing tips for your upcoming home removals.

If there is one place in your house that gobbles up your energy when it is time to pack and move to another location, it is the kitchen. The mere thought of packing and unpacking pots and pans, dinnerware and china, and cutlery can be overwhelming.

Don’t let stress take away the fun and excitement of moving to a new house. A carefully laid out plan makes the whole process smooth and effortless.

Begin with the end in mind. Imagine your new kitchen before you pack. Would you like a spotless kitchen devoid of clutter? If yes, foremost on your list should be to dispose of kitchen stuff that has outlived its usefulness. A relative, neighbour, or friend may find them valuable. Try to sort and declutter your kitchen to make moving easier.

When should you pack your kitchen when moving

When should you pack your kitchen when moving?

You have to prepare your kitchen stuff at least two weeks before the moving expert comes in. Be sure to start packing the non-essentials and save the everyday essentials like glasses, bowls, plates, and cutlery for last. You may not be comfortable eating with your bare hands.

It is prudent to call a reputable moving company for help. If you reside in Newcastle, the friendly and experienced team from the Best Removalists Newcastle can help you pack and move your kitchen. If this is not an option, the best tips on packing and moving your kitchen are here on this page. Read on for valuable tips and insights.

Tips on how to pack your kitchen for moving                         

Here are some ways to ready your kitchen for the upcoming home removals.

1. Get ready with packing supplies for a swift and efficient move.

Make sure you have the following materials for orderly packing:

  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Labelling markers
  • Scissors
  • Specialty dividers
  • Plastic wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Different types and sizes of heavy-duty moving boxes

2. Set aside kitchen essentials.

Each family member should have a plate, bowl, mug, spoon, and fork before and after moving. In addition, keep a dishwashing liquid, soap, sponge, and kitchen towels handy. Of course, you would still be using a kettle, pots, frying pans, stove, and refrigerator until the day you move out.

3. Pack kitchen items not frequently used.

  • Food storage containers
  • China, vases, and wall clock
  • Table napkins and placemats
  • Extra mugs, wine glasses, and cups
  • Blender, mixer, mixing bowls, and special utensils for baking
  • Teapot, coffee maker, and air fryer
  • Cookbooks, pictures, decorative items, and knick-knacks in drawers
  • Dinnerware for special events

4. Pack unopened bottles, wine, and liquor.

Start packing unopened wine and liquor weeks before moving out. You may want to pack expensive oil like olive oil and balsamic oil. Check out if an item is worth bringing along with you.

5. Pack your flatware and utensils.

The easiest way to pack flatware is to wrap it with plastic and place it flat inside a box.

  • Pack kitchen utensils according to sizes
  • Pack kitchen utensils in different sizes of zip bags and place them in a box.
  • Wrap kitchen knives individually with packing paper and wrap them with a kitchen towel.
  • Do not place kitchen knives upward inside the box.

6. Pack the dinnerware and glassware.

Handle fragile items with extra care:

  • Wrap plates and bowls individually with a sheet of packing paper
  • Place bubble wrap at the bottom of a heavy-duty box
  • Lay the dinner plates one at a time with a layer of bubble wrap in between plates
  • Smaller plates should be on top and nest the bowls into each other.
  • Fill in the gap with an extra sheet of packing paper to avoid breakage when in transit.
  • Wrap glasses and mugs individually with a sheet of packing paper
  • Insert a specialty divider in between them and place a bubble wrap at the bottom and on top of the box for added protection

7. How to pack pots and pans

You may need a large box depending upon the sizes of pots and pans.

  • Stack smaller pans into larger ones and use towels or packing paper to stuff around the pans in the box
  • Wrap glass lids with packing paper
  • Pack all glass lids in a separate box

8. Food items

It is best to give away perishable items but always check expiry dates before doing so. You can always buy ample supplies at a grocery near your new home. It is wise to use a cooler to transport perishable items if you want to bring them with you.

9. How to pack appliances

Packing your kitchen appliances requires a tad bit more care. Here are some ways to do it.

  • Pack the appliances in their original boxes.
  • Get the closest size box if they are not available and fill in the gaps in the box with wads of packing paper.
  • Be sure to clean and empty the appliances before you pack.
  • Tape the doors and tape the cords to the sides or back.
  • Wrap them in moving blankets for added protection in the truck.
How long does it take to pack a kitchen

How long does it take to pack a kitchen?

Depending on the size of the kitchen, it may take 4-5 hours to pack kitchen items. It is wise to discard kitchen items you would not need for a fast and efficient moving experience.

How many boxes do I need to pack my kitchen?

The number of boxes you need depends on your packing style and the number of items. You may need to buy five large boxes, ten medium boxes, etc. As a rule, you should have extra boxes than cram dinnerware and glassware at the last minute. It would also be best not to overstuff your boxes.

What should you not pack for moving?

Do not pack the following:

  • Essential kitchen items like plates, spoons and forks, cups, and bowls that you will use before and after moving.
  • Perishable items along with the other kitchen supplies.
  • Flammable items like butane, aerosols, and lighters.   
Enjoy a hassle-free moving experience with the most trusted moving company!

Enjoy a hassle-free moving experience with the most trusted moving company!

Packing and moving your kitchen does not have to be stressful. Let the well-trained team from Best Removalists Newcastle assist you from packing to unpacking in your destination. We cater to clients around NSW, particularly in Newcastle, Maitland, Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, and Hunter Valley. We also provide assistance for pet transport and car transport as well as commercial or business office moves.

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