How to Pack and Move Books

How to Pack and Move Books

How do you pack your books during home removal?

The thought of moving tens or hundreds of books can be a pain in the neck (or spine?) Well, it’s just a thought. For certified book lovers (collector’s items, anyone?), the love for priceless tomes outweighs the thought of being stressed out. No need to be stressed. Your friendly professional movers will always be at your beck and call. All you need is to pack them with care – they will deliver the books safely to your destination – with nary a ripped page or dog-eared corner.

If you are a bookworm who abhors unsightly marks on pages of your book, this article is for you. Read more to learn tips on how to move books with tender loving care.

What is the Best Way to Move Books

What is the Best Way to Move Books?

Nothing beats strategic planning. Yes, Virginia, you don’t dump all your tomes in a couple of boxes and they’re good to go. Plan for the moving date and make it strategic, you will be glad you did!. Here are simple hacks before you start to pack:

Comb Your Neighbourhood for Sturdy Boxes

Is there any wine stores, libraries, or bookstores in your area? These establishments keep sturdy boxes for their use or sale. You may never know; they might give it to you for free!

Get Ready with Packing Paraphernalia.

Do not scrimp on packing supplies. Have several rolls of packaging tape handy, especially when you’re moving to another place. You also need bubble wrap to protect the hardcover books.

Take A Picture of Book Displays on Your Bookshelves.

Do you like the current arrangement on your bookshelves? Do you want the same set-up in your new home?

Make a List of Your Current Collection.

Categorise by genre, alphabetical, or however you want. Then, list your hardcovers, paperbacks, or magazines separately. It will give you an idea of how many boxes you need to buy.

Cull Your Collection.

Your list of books will pretty much give you an idea if you need to keep all of them. How many is too many? You must decide which ones to keep according to pricelessness, usefulness, or sentiment value (not necessarily in that order). Do not forget to make a final list of collections.

Donate or Sell Books You Don’t Need.

Maybe you would like to donate something academic (scholarly?) to your alma mater. You may also give some of them to your favourite library. In addition, relatives and friends might find some of them helpful.

Or you might strike a good deal with your friendly neighbourhood bookseller. Finally, your tomes might find a new home in rent-a-book-clubs.

Sort Book Titles.

Depending upon your preferences, you may sort book titles according to genre or the order of importance. You can divide them into two sections: hardcovers and paperback editions. They should not be next to each other.

Clean the Book Covers.

Dust dirt off the surface of your books. You don’t want to sneeze when you unpack in your new home.

How to Pack Heavy Books For Moving

How to Pack Heavy Books For Moving

Moving hacks for books:

1. Pack according to shelf arrangement.

How would you like to arrange the books in your new home? Would you like to place them next to each other inside the box like how you would like to display them on a bookshelf?

2. Protect your books.

The most logical way is to put heavy hardcovers first, followed by less heavy ones. The lightest books place on top. Don’t forget to insert a layer of clean paper at the bottom of the box. You may also insert light clothes or towels between spaces. Secure the bottom of the box by placing layers of packaging tape. The heavy weight might rip the boxes while in transit.

These are suggestions on how to place books inside the box. They can be done simultaneously in a box. Just make sure they are not positioned at odd angles because the pages will bend.

  • Upright position

Just like how you stack books on the bookshelves, this method is suitable for hardcovers and voluminous books.

  • Flat method

The books stacked up on top of the other. Hardcovers, as well as lightweights, must be placed in a flat position. Just make sure to protect the hardcovers by placing papers in between them. You may wrap your priceless limited edition with bubble wrap for added protection.

  • Spines down

The left side of the book where pages are attached should lie at the bottom of the box. Avoid dog-eared corners by placing books spines down.

3. Label the boxes

Prudence dictates labelling boxes according to contents. It saves time and avoids confusion when it’s time to unpack.

Moving boxes for books

Moving boxes for books

  • What size box is best for moving books?

Rule of thumb: The smaller, the better. Make sure it is sturdy as well. Think about how you pack your precious china. A big container means extreme heaviness when filled up. Bear in mind that moving companies charge by weight (plus cubic meters for some logistics companies).

  • How do you pack books for moving without a box?

Wheeled suitcases are the perfect solution instead of boxes. They are durable and easy to move around. It is a good idea to fill suitcases with heavy hardcovers. Keep light clothes in containers instead.

  • How do you pack books for long-term storage?

If you want to store books for a while, the storage area must be dry and cool. Humidity can take a toll on the quality. Instead of packing paper, you may want to use acid-free paper to wrap them. The acid-free paper does not turn yellow over time.

Give your books some tender loving care. They will thank you for it.

Hire a professional moving company for safe and efficient home removal and office moves.

Hire a professional moving company for safe and efficient home removal and office moves.

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