Intact When Packed: The Importance of Removalist Boxes

Intact When Packed The Importance of Removalist Boxes

We all have to pack removalist boxes at some point in our lives. You might be packing items for storage or to create more space in your home, or because you are moving. Whatever the situation, it is vitally important to ensure that the items packed are safe from damage. Especially during relocation.

  • How do I make sure items are safe when moving home?
  • How do I pack items in the safest, most efficient way?
  • Which moving boxes are best for which items?

These questions are very important if you want to keep those expensive items and keepsakes intact when packed. Best Removalists Newcastle has all your answers.

Moving boxes are designed to have a grip on the contents to prevent impact damage and endure bumping without damaging the items. Removalist boxes are available in many sizes and shapes vary in size depending on the things they will contain.

Choose The Right Removalist Boxes

Choose The Right Removalist Boxes

The size and shape of the box should always suit the item being packed. Plates, pots, and glass are at a higher risk of being broken if the box’s weight is not right. The correct type of moving box for these items is double ridged cardboard and is tremendously thick and resilient, which makes it perfect for packing all of your precious and fragile pieces during relocation.

A well-packed removalist box can survive multiple moves. Not all moving boxes are made the same. Some cannot hold weight on top of them – they may be crushed and fall over. 

Loading a removals vehicle is not an easy task. When you have uniformly shaped boxes, it is easier to arrange them. However, the challenge comes when they are of different sizes and different weight. It is important to come up with simple loading and packing procedures that can be used to load the items to make the transition faster, which is why most standard removalist boxes have equal dimensions. This is preferable to the use of lots of old boxes that might be different shapes, sizes and thicknesses.

Therefore, it is advisable to select packing boxes that will be easy to arrange in the truck and not consume more time than necessary. Take a look at our inventory and if you like what you see, make sure to contact us.

How to Pack Boxes for Storage or Moving Home

How to Pack Boxes for Storage or Moving Home

·         Wrap everything

This is very important. In the past, we used newspaper for wrapping small items. However, this was not a good option due to insufficient protection or ink transferal. It is preferable to use bubble wrap or even use some pieces of cloth or clothing to ensure that the items will be safe.

·         Pack Room By Room

Packing room by room will reduce the chance of confusion about what needs to go where. The truck also needs proper arranging to ensure that everything fits perfectly without the risk of damage.

·         Label and Seal Every box

Labelling will make it easier during the offloading process. You will know what boxes need to go to different places in the house. Moving is a positive but tiring experience, so it is doubly important to ease your workload wherever possible.

Advantages of Specialist Removalist Boxes

Advantages of Specialist Removalist Boxes

At this point, you could be thinking that getting removalist boxes are going to cost you more than the budget allows, but this is not true if you factor in the value of time saved, organised home items and reduced breakages: Getting these boxes will save you a great deal.

Imagine relocating only to find that some of your most important possessions are damaged. Consider the cost of replacement items, if those items are replaceable at all. When moving home or storing items, going the extra mile to grab these boxes is a winning scenario for you and your belongings alike.

Remember: Removalist boxes prevent damage to items and ensure that they are transported safely to their destination.

Best Removalists Can Help

Besides Newcastle, Cessnock and Maitland, Best Removalists also provide and use these durable, time saving boxes throughout the Hunter Valley. Our removalist boxes are highly recommended. The fact that they are durable is a great assurance – the transportation of your items is safe and secure.

If you are planning to move or put some things into storage, it is highly advisable to research quality removals companies. Best Removalists Newcastle are a fantastic choice with efficient moving boxes that are of good quality to eliminate any chances of damage.

Benefits of Removalist Boxes

Benefits of Removalist Boxes

Removalist Boxes are Space Saving

Removalist boxes, removals boxes, packing boxes, or moving boxes. Whatever name you call them, they are space saving. They are easier to pack in the truck than that pile of old shabby boxes you have stored at your home somewhere. The boxes are simple to carry and setup in the truck. The only thing required is to consider the best method to arrange your gear to avoid unforeseen damages.

Packing Boxes Affordable

As a person moving home or storing items you will save costs in damages, time and space-saving. Extra strong corrugated moving boxes are the most secure option. Using these boxes shows your concern for the safety of your items. The purchase is inexpensive and brimming with value. Once used, they can be used again – there is no need for frequent purchases, they are always ready for use.

Yes, there are many removalist companies out there, but Best Removals are a clever choice for your removal or storage needs:

  • We are known for our experience and quality.
  • We are not just a simple moving company – we offer a full service from start to finish, including packing and unpacking.
  • We offer insurance for your items so you won’t have to shell out any more than you need to for damaged items during the move.

Contact Best Removalists Newcastle for your next moving or transport needs, and we’ll help you prepare. To learn more, just email us or phone us at 0450 229 161.