Moving Interstate

Moving Interstate

What to look for when hiring an interstate removalist

The process of packing up your life and transporting it to a new location interstate can be stressful no matter how many times you’ve moved. As employment and life requirements change, people find themselves with the freedom to move to a new area or even to their dream properties. The biggest challenge after securing a place to live, is how you’re going to get all your possessions safely transported to your new home.



There are multiple options, from moving by yourself, to hiring a removalist to do everything for you. That is where the team at Best Removalists Newcastle shines. Our clients are provided with a dedicated consultant, who tailor creates a package to suit your needs to make your interstate move as hassle-free and efficient as possible. Our services include car removal, packing and unpacking, storage options, and even pet transport.

Finding the right removalist for you can depend on a few things, from budget and timeline, availability and even how comfortable you are with the company. It’s important to begin planning your move as early as possible. Keep in mind that not all removalists handle interstate moves, and you should check the following list before hiring someone or signing any contracts.

Insurance and Licenses

While your pocketbook may draw you towards moving yourself, or having Uncle Bob move your household interstate, it may end up costing more in the end. Unlike your uncle, a proper interstate removalist will not only have an ABN or business license, but they will also be insured for damages, liability, and injury. This insurance means if anything goes wrong, not only are they covered, but your belongings are insured as well.

Reviews – Good and Bad

Word of mouth goes a long way in deciding a business’s success or failure. It is important to pay attention to both good and bad reviews. In addition to asking your friends and family for their input, it’s important to look at their online and social media reviews as well. It’s usually easy to tell genuine reviews apart from any paid reviews, but when in doubt do a quick online search for that company and “reviews”.

Ask for In-Person Estimates

If you’ve chosen your potential interstate moving companies, now is the time to schedule and organise estimates, which includes an in-person walkthrough where you can discuss what all is moving with you and whether you’ll be packing yourself or needing help with that. These estimates will help you narrow down your choices and negotiate the timing and schedule of your upcoming move. Hopefully, the person giving you the quote will be your removal consultant throughout the entire process, giving you a consistent point of contact from beginning to end.

In addition to the in-person estimate, you’ll realise just how much you have, whether there are any delicate or large items that may need special equipment or attention, and if some items may take extra time to move. Understanding your moving needs will help prepare yourself for any cost shock from added interstate removalist companies.

Trust Your Gut

It should never be hard to get information from a company that you’re looking at working with. If you find you’re not getting answers to your questions, or their standard information such as terms and conditions, pricing, and insurance information, its usually a good indication that it may be a less than reputable company.

Be sure to pay close attention to the fine print – you don’t want to find out after the fact that they charge depot-to-depot rather than door-to-door. Companies may have a minimum charge, have extra fees if things run longer than expected, or even charge extra fees based on your form of payment.

What You Need

What You Need

Depending on where you are moving, when you are needing to move by, how much stuff you have, and what all you are taking, the removalist that’s best for you may not be what was best for someone else. By having your quotes and doing your research, you are hopefully now better prepared for this exciting interstate move! Our removalists understand that our customers want their belongings to be safely delivered by the desired time to avoid spending your first night without.

We offer a variety of specialised services for our local and interstate removal customers to make your move easier and take the pressure off you and your family.

  • Car Removal
  • Furniture packing and storage
  • Home cleaning services
  • Pet transport
  • Storage solutions
  • Valet services

By going through Best Removalists Newcastle for your interstate move, you can rest easy with our removalist’s advantages.

  • Written quote provided after the in-person walkthrough
  • Detailed moving schedule created by your removal manager
  • Removalist Consultant supplying a stable point of contact throughout the moving process
  • On-time performance including day-before confirmation
  • Insurance advice and documentation
  • Unpacking and reassembly of furniture at destination
Call Us Today

Call Us Today

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Alternatively, you can email us or complete our online contact form to get a free quote and onsite in-home assessment of your property in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie regions.