The Ultimate Checklist when Moving from Sydney to Newcastle

The Ultimate Checklist when Moving from Sydney to Newcastle

Relocating to somewhere that isn’t around the corner can increase stress levels. Engaging the services of a reputable home mover is paramount in making the move, stress free and as painless as possible. 

Newcastle is a great location around 2 hours drive from Sydney and has an array locations and popular suburbs and attractions to entice anyone to move there. With stunning beaches along the coastline, and great bush walks there is something new to see and do every weekend.


Spend some time and plan, figure out the logistics of the move, the time on both when you have to leave your existing home and when you can move into your new home. Make a list of everything you need to do, and things you should check, a whiteboard can be great as you can update, remove, and edit as things progress and change along the way.

  • Book a removalist
  • Check insurances
  • Plan family and pets
  • Thinking about the packing of your belongings – labels and boxes
  • Set up utilities in your new home
  • Confirm final moving arrangements with your professional removalist company
  • Prepare your home for a final inspection
  • Create an emergency box to take with you in case of delays.
  • Last minute checks, ensure you haven’t left anything behind
  • Settle into your new home!
Hire a professional removalist

Hire a professional removalist

Engaging the help of a professional removalist team can make sure you move from Sydney to Newcastle is organised, and you have the help you need, as moving is a big change and requires manpower, which one person can not do alone. Removalists can help with packing your belongings, making sure that they are secure and will not get damaged on the drive to Newcastle, and they can even unpack when you arrive at your new home in Newcastle. It can be more cost effective to hire as team of movers than to complete the move on your own. After all, you still need to hire a truck, and enlist some people to help with the heavier items, and if you have your own car, you will then have to arrange for that to be driven up to Newcastle too.

Change your personal contact information

Updating friends and family with your new details is just as important as updating any service providers you may have, or banks and credit card companies.

Arriving at your new home in Newcastle

Arriving at your new home in Newcastle

Many relocations can happen in one day, if planned in advanced, but for if any reasons your belonging are not due to arrive in time to unpack and get out the essentials, it is always a good idea to pack and emergency box of goodies, toiletries and clean clothes. This will help make your first night in your new home more comfortable whilst you wait for your items to arrive.

Cleaning your house

During packing, you probably won’t have time to clean your home. Whether you enlist a cleaning team or plan to complete this yourself, it is important to leave your home in a nice clean condition for the new owners, and if you are renting you will have to undergo an inspection in order to get your bond back, so a thorough clean will be required. Cleaning an empty home is a lot easier than cleaning a home full furniture so factoring this into your timeline is a must!

Out with the old

Moving house is the perfect time to organise your belongings and get rid of any old and unused items. After all there is not much point in taking it with you if you haven’t used an item in a long while or if it is broken and you don’t plan on fixing it. Donating items that are unused but in good condition is always helpful to local charities, and it will not cost you any money to donate them. If you have lots of items, you could always spend time over a weekend and have a garage sale or advertise your items on a local social media platform. 

Which day is best to move?

Newcastle can be a busy city, so depending on where your new home is, you might want to choose the moving in day accordingly. Public holidays and weekends can mean even more cars and congestion on the roads, which can increase travel times and prolong the move.

Your top choice for moving from Sydney to Newcastle

Your top choice for moving from Sydney to Newcastle

If you are looking for a dependable and trustworthy removalist then Best Removalists Newcastle are experts in relocating residents of Sydney to Newcastle and have years of experiences in the industry. We are able to provide a full comprehensive service, from suppling the boxes, to packing and even have the capabilities to help with moving your pet to your new home here in Newcastle. Our team can take the stress out of moving. Contact us today on (02) 4058 5810 for a free quote and onsite assessment. You can also send your enquiries to