Tips To Getting Packed Ready To Move

Tips To Getting Packed Ready To Move

Fun and strategic way to pack your things before your move

Moving can be quite an overwhelming and stressful time. However, moving presents new chances and new beginnings.

In fact, according to the Regional Australia Institute, 36,973 millennials from Sydney have moved to the regions, whereas 32,535 have moved from the regions to the city. In the year 2016, more than 500,000 Australians moved from the cities to regional Australia, while 436,439 moved from the regional areas to the cities.

People move for various reasons. Some move because of work. Others move because they want a new environment. Many are moving to the regional areas, looking for a quieter life surrounded by farmlands, villages, and wineries. There are also those who move to the capital cities to experience life in the big city.

Whatever your reason for moving, it does not change the fact that it can be daunting and distressing. You have to pack years’ worth of belongings in weeks, or even days, and move them to a whole new place. Aside from packing, you also have to contend with transport. Seeking the services of a trusted removalist company can greatly help make the experience much more pleasant for you.

Tips To Getting Packed Ready To Move - Pack

How to Prepare For the Big Move

Don’t procrastinate, and start on your preparations as early as you can. You may think that you have enough time, but before you realise it, you’ve already run out of time.

Planning and getting organised are the keys to a hassle-free and smooth move. When you do it right, you will find that it can actually be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

  • Create your moving checklist.

Like with all things, a list can help organise your activities. From your checklist, you can draft the timeline of your move. You can set your target activities for each week, which can serve as your guide and reminder. Keeping your to-do list in your mind can be tiring, and you may end up forgetting important things.

  • Set your moving budget.

You may forget this amidst your moving activities but setting your budget can help you. You do not want to have your move postponed because you run out of budget. Decide on how much you are willing to spend. This can help you choose the right mover that can give you the services that you can afford.

  • Remember to set some time for rest.

Preparing for your move can be hectic. Sooner or later, you will feel drained in the middle of packing your belongings, calling your new landlord, and having your accounts transferred. It is normal to feel overwhelmed amidst all the things that you have to do.

How to Prepare Your Things Before You Pack

How to Prepare Your Things Before You Pack

Of course, you do not have to bring everything that you have in your current house. It can be inefficient, and you will just end up bringing rubbish with you.

Before you start putting things in your boxes, make sure to do these first. They can help you pack lighter, save on your moving costs, and even let you earn on the side.

  • Go through and sort your stuff.

If you have always put off sorting your pile of mess, now is the perfect time to do it. Go through everything from your bedroom, library, kitchen, entertainment room, living room, garage, and even your shed.

Decide what you can let go of and buy in your new place. This can include old furniture, gardening tools, old appliances, and other things that you can replace in your new place. Clothes and pairs of shoes that you have outgrown and have not worn for a year should also go.

It goes without saying that heirloom items from your great grandparents that have sentimental value to you should go with you to your new home. You may also be reluctant to give up the book collection you have carefully selected, collected, and taken care of all these years.

Once you have decided which items you can and can’t let go of, you could hold a garage sale. Your items may still find a new home where they can still be used and bring joy to their new owners.

Other items that you can sell include dishes that just sit in your cupboard, your old magazine collection, and baby appliances and toys that your kids have outgrown. You can even sell furniture and appliances that you have decided not to bring.

  • Make it more enjoyable by having friends and family join you.

You do not have to do it on your own. Call on your other family members, as well as your closest friends in sorting through things. Who knows, they may find some items that can still be useful to them.

After your activities for the day, you can share some food and drinks. Make it a fun activity that everyone will enjoy. If your friends are helping you, you can blast your favourite tunes in your Bluetooth speakers while you work. You can then watch your go-to bonding movies over some pizza or popcorn.

  • Group the things that you will bring.

Before your boxes arrive, group your items beforehand. It will help your packing be more organised. Group your clothes, books, kitchen tools, important documents, linens, towels, clothes, toys, photo albums, and other items that you are taking with you.

Then the next thing that you should do is label your boxes accordingly. Boxes look similar, and you may have difficulty finding the things that you need once you are in your new house.

Adopting a colour coding system can make things easier for you. You can use packing tapes of different colours, depending on the room where the contents belong. Before you close each box, take a picture of the items inside for your reference.

  • Pack your essentials separately.

Essential items, including your important documents, medications, gadgets, toiletries, and a change of clothes, should be packed separately. You can have it in a duffel bag or a small suitcase that you should take with you during the move.

  • Leave some things for your movers.

Leave packing up furniture and other large appliances to your movers. They can better prepare and wrap them safely than you ever could.

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